Postdoctoral position provided by Professor Zhou’s research group

EECS, Peking University

Silicon photonics and Microsystems research group are working on optics, physics, biochemistry, micro/nanoelectronics and semiconductor materials. Currently, we are partially funded by a National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program) “Si-based integrated chip for the 100Gb/s coherent optical transmitter and receiver”, and a Major International (Regional) Cooperation and Exchange Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China “Low Power Consumption Micro/nano Optoelectronic Integration”. Now, we plan to recruit two or three post doctors who are doing research in the following fields.

(1)    Silicon optoelectronics devices and integration technology.

Study the silicon-based semiconductor fabrication process with the properties of high intelligence, high integration, low cost, and high reliability. Based on these, make an in-depth research, especially on the following devices, of physical mechanisms, device structures and fabrication process: laser, high-speed modulators and detectors; the original periodic structure devices; key optical interconnect devices; surface plasmon devices; and etc.

(2)    Novel micro-nano sensing system. To develope multi-parameter, lable-free, high-selective micro-nano sensors, based on the effect of optics, mechanics, biochemistry, microelectronics and other interdisciplinary, study the mechanism and characteristics of photonic crystal microcavity, micro-ring resonators, nanowire waveguide, surface plasma wave, FET, and MEMS.

Candidates can choose any research field and directions above. The one who has an optics, physics, biochemistry, microelectronics, materials or nanotechnology background will be considered first, excellent doctoral graduate is a plus.


1.       Obtained Ph.D. degree or can successfully finish the doctoral thesis in the near future.

2.       Have good academic performance and communication skills, do well in English writing.

3.       Have a strong research and innovation capacity and good team spirit.

4.       Have a good foundation of optoelectronics and some related papers published.

5.       Familiar with semiconductor device technology, good at designing experiment process and conducting experiments.

Application materials

1.       Curriculum Vitae in English and Chinese, Personal Statement.

2.       Directory of Published papers and Patents, three full texts of representative papers.

3.       Contact information of three referrers.

Contact: Zhiping (James) Zhou, “Changjiang” Professor, EECS, Peking University

Send your application materials to Please write "Postdoctoral application" in the subject header.


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