Dr. Rachel Pei Chin Won, assoicated editor of Nature Photonics, visited our lab

Dr. Mehdi Asghari from Kotura Inc. and Prof. David Citrin, Georgia Institute of Technology, visited our lab

Prof. Kimura and Isshiki from University of Electro-Communications, Japan, visited our lab

 Prof. Zhou in  the Institute of Semiconductors

Prof. Zhou and Associate Prof. Wang attend 6th international conference on Group IV photonics on San Francisco, California, USA

Prof. Zhou in Editorial Board joint meeting of "Optical Journal", "China's laser", "Chinese Optics Letters"

 Dr. Jurgen Michel and SPM members, 2009

Dr. Jurgen Michel

Dr. Jurgen Michel

Prpf. Zhou in IET, 2009

Prof. Zhou in IET, 2009

Prof. Zhou in SPIE, 2009


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