Abstract:This project is the continuation of the previous one-year project which was supported by National Nature Science Foundation of China in 2010, and it focuses on high performance vertical coupler and guided-mode resonant narrow filter based on binary blazed grating. We will further study and improve the fully etched vertical waveguide grating coupler, and try to use electron-beam lithography to fabricate the device, and then take advantage of the grating-waveguide coupling measurement system to finish the measurement and analysis of its coupling efficiency, insertion loss, extinction ratio, etc. At the same time, we will study on two different narrow filters, one has a higher polarization independence and angular tolerance, and for the other one, its resonant central wavelength is linearly tunable with the incidence angle, moreover, we will try to fabricate and measure those two devices. The fully etched grating coupler in the project has the features of one-step lithography and vertical coupling, which can reduce the time and cost of the design and fabrication of the device and increase the integration density. Guided-mode resonant narrow filter has the advantages of the high sensitivity and linear tunable resonant wavelength, which can be applied in the fields of millimeter-scale and nanometer-scale integrated optical circuits, especially in the fields of coupling, filtering, multiplexing and demultiplexing, FTTH, optical interconnection and optical computing system.


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