using a subwavelength grating

L. Liu, Q. Deng, Z. Zhou
Opt. Lett . 41, No. 21, pp. 5126-5129, November, 2016.

: A polarization beam splitter assisted by a subwavelength gra­ting (SWG) is proposed. The SWG enables nearly 20-fold beat length reduction for TE, which makes the high extinc­tion ratio (ER) possible. On the other hand, the embedded SWG preferably affects the refractive index of the even mode in the coupling region and broadens the bandwidth of the splitter. As a result, the ER of 28.7 dB (24.8 dB) for TE (TM) is obtained, while the insertion loss is only 0.10 dB (0.11 dB) at the wavelength of 1550 nm. The ER is more than 10 dB in the wavelength range of 14501625 nm for TE and 1495 1610 nm for TM.


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