Rui Ye, Chao Xu, Xingjun Wang*, Jishi Cui, and Zhiping Zhou*
Abstract: Near-infrared up-conversion lasing in erbium(Er)-yttrium(Y) chloride silicate nanowires was demonstrated when pumped by 1476nm laser at room temperature. The emission covers a very wide wavelength range (400-1000nm). A clear threshold for 985nm peak was observed at a launched average pump power of approximately 7mW. Above threshold, the intensity increases linearly when turning up the pump power. The full width at half maximum at 985nm decreases
from 1.25nm to 0.25nm when reducing the measurement temperature from 300K to 77K, which is the narrowest linewidth of 980nm micro-lasers to date. Our demonstration presents a possible novel method of utilizing up-conversion mechanism in Er-Y nanowire to achieve tunable near-infrared laser, which breaks new ground in the exploration of nanoscale optoelectronic devices operating at near-infrared wavelength.


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