Abstract: The spontaneous emission (SE) of Er3+ embedded in a double slot dielectric structure was studied by a quantum-electrodynamical formalism. The study shows that the slot width and the position of Er3+ in slot structure have a significant effect on the SE. The double slot waveguides were fabricated byembedding two low-index Er/Yb silicate material layers into high-index silicon. The radiative efficiency of Er3+ in the double slot waveguides is found to be higher than that of the single slot waveguide, which is consistent with the theory simulation. The 0.67 dB signal enhancement at 1.53 m in a 4.6-mm-long slot waveguide was observed pumped by 1476 nm laser. These results show the relevance of our model to study the SE processes in multilayer structures and are important for future realization of silicon-compatible active optical devices.


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