Qingzhong Deng,1 Qiaojing Yan,1 Lu Liu,1 Xinbai Li,1 Jurgen Michel,2and Zhiping Zhou1,*
OPTICS EXPRESS,Vol.24, No.7 pp. 7347-7355,  Apr.4, 2016.

Abstract: Strip-slot waveguide mode converters for TE0 have been widely investigated. Here we demonstrate a polarization-insensitive converter numerically and experimentally. The polarization-insensitive performance is achieved by matching the optical field distribution of the 2-fold image of the Multimode Interference (MMI) and the TE0 (TM0) mode of a slot waveguide. The working principle for this MMI-based mode converter is thoroughly analyzed with the quantitatively evaluated optical field overlap ratio that is theoretically derived from the orthonormal relation of eigenmodes. Based on the analysis, the MMI-based polarization-insensitive converters are then simulated and fabricated. The simulation and measurement results indicate that the proposed scheme is a robust design since it is not only polarization-insensitive but also wavelength-insensitive and fabrication-tolerant. Moreover, the mode converter is as small as 1.22 μm × 4 μm while the measured conversion efficiencies are 95.9% for TE0 and 96.6% for TM0. All these excellent properties make the proposed mode converter an ideal solution for coupling light between strip and slot waveguides when both TE and TM polarizations are considered.




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