Mission Statement

In recent years,  “nanoscience”, "nanotechnology”, and “nanofabrication” have been used in all facets of the science and technology community in both academia and industry. This technological trend points to a general interest in ever smaller and more compact devices and products.
The field of optoelectronics is no exception and has been pushing into nanoscale domain as the nanoelectronics and nanophotonics develop further. The miniaturization and integration is also happening in the optical communication sector, particularly after its downturn in year 2000. Intelligence, integration, low cost, and high reliability are becoming the main characteristics for next generation optical communication systems. At the same time, with the rapid development of high performance computers, CPU works faster and memory stores more, hence high density data communication within the computer systems becomes the bottleneck and optical interconnection becomes a very important subject for data exchange within computer and even within chip. Using tools originally developed for silicon integrated circuit industry, people are now fabricating nanoscale photonic devices, such as emitters, detectors, and other light beam controlling devices and waveguides, from silicon and other materials, in hopes of integrating optical and logic circuits on a single silicon chip.

Therefore, the goal of this group is to establish a unique platform for research and education on new frontiers of nanophotonics and nanoelectronics. The specific objective is to develop the next generation of compactly integrated low cost optoelectronic systems that may be used for real time sensing/detection, high-density data communications, and high-speed control/actuation.


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