Dec. 17, 2008 Prof. Zhou attended and chaired “The first Workshop on theoretical and technical research of silicon-based micro/nano optical, mechanical and electronic integrated system” in Scientific Research department of Peking University. More than 20 Experts and academics attended the workshop, who were from Peking University, institute of microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, institute of semiconductors Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and information Technology, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Beihang University.

Nov. 1-3, 2008 Prof. Zhou and two of members in group  attended the Asia optical fiber communication&optoelectronic exposition conference (AOE), in Shanghai, China, sponsored by IEEE/OSA. Two papers from Prof. Zhou's research group were presented: 1 Optimization of nanoscale silicon waveguide fabrication; 2. Quality Factor Enhancement in Slow Light Nanopillar Waveguide.
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Sept. 19-22, 2008 IEEE Sections Congress 2008, Quebec City, Canada. As a Primary delegate, Prof. Zhou participated in Region 10 delegate meeting, Region 10 Caucus, and IEEE Caucus to discuss issues and recommendations for action, which will be used by the IEEE Board of Directors to guide IEEE into the future.
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Sept.17-19, 2008 Prof. Zhou and Dr. Wang attended the 5th International Conference on Group IV Photonics, Sorrento, Italy, sponsored by IEEE/LEOS. Three papers from Prof. Zhou's research group were presented: 1. The Complete Bandgap in Ring-Shaped Photonic Crystal SOI Slab; 2. Ultra Broadband SOI Binary Blazed Grating Mirror; 3. Low Loss Sharp Bend for Silicon Nanophotonic Slow-Light Waveguide. During the conference, Chinese Optics Letters announced its focus issue on Silicon Photonics to be published by April, 2009, which will be co-edited by Prof. Zhou of PKU and Prof. Kimerling of MIT.
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Sept. 2008  The laboratory built a clean room of 18m*m and bought a  Coupling & Testing System for Optical Waveguide Devices, the system have been tested and is running well. 
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Aug. 14, 2008 Prof. Zhou and Jin Liu's paper on Highly sensitive field effect charge sensor for direct detection of biomolecules was published in ELECTRONICS LETTERS.

July.29-Aug.1, 2008  Prof. Zhou attended The 5th IET Visual Information Engineering 2008 Conference (VIE'08) in Xi’an, China.

July 13-16, 2008 
Prof. Zhou attended Integrated Photonics and Nanophotonics Research and Applications in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

June 24, 2008 Prof. Zhou attended Solar Energy: New Materials and Nanostructured Devices for High Efficiency inStanford, California, USA 

June 24-26, 2008 
Prof. Zhou and Tingwei Wu attended the 5th China International Forum on Solid State Lighting (Shenzhen2008),China. A paper on Microstructural characterization of defects in AlInGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells grown by MOCVD was published in the conference.  
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June 2008
Prof. Zhou and most of group members have a visit on Wudang mountain, some  of members  in group will graduate and it will be a good memory for all people.
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May 2008  Zhou and David S. Citrins 's paper  on Self-collimated waveguide bends and partial bandgap reflection of photonic crystals with parallelogram lattice was published in Journal of the Optical Society of America.

May 14–16, 2008 
Prof. Zhou and some group members attended the The Tenth World Congress on Biosensors,  Shanghai, China. Four papers from Prof. Zhou's research group were presented: 1 A Lable free DNA sensor based on optical microring resonato; 2 A Lable free DNA sensor based on optical microring resonator; 3 A Novel Biosensor Based on Asymmetric Resonance in Dual Waveguide Coupled Microring Resonators; 4 A Novel Gate-Bias-Free Biosensor.
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April 2008
Prof. Zhou and most of group members have a visit on Moshan and  arboretum in Wuhan, all people have a good time and it will be a good memory for all people
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Mar.18,2008Dr.Wang and Prof. Zhou'spaperon silicon optical amplifier based on surface-plasmon-polariton enhancement have been accepted  as China Optical Important Achievement(COIA) of 2007 and Prof. Zhou give a invited paper on silicon optical amplifier based on surface-plasmon-polariton enhancement. Linking to picture

Feb.2-4, 2008 
Prof. Zhou attended  IEEE  R 10 regional/ Section Meeting in AHMEDBAD, India 


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