Nov 2009 It is a great pleasure that Prof. Zhou has been elected to the grade of fellow of SPIE. According to the society’s bylaws, a fellow “shall be distinguished through his   achievements and shall have made outstanding contributions in the fields of optics or electro-optics or in related scientific, technical, or engineering areas.” fellow membership shall be restricted to not more than seven percent of voting members of the society.

Oct  20th, 2009  Invited by Prof. Zhou, Prof. Reed who is currently Head of the Department of Electronic Engineering of University of Surrey in the UK had a seminar on silicon photonics with our group .He is co-chair of the Silicon Photonics Symposium that forms part of Photonics West in San Francisco annually. He co-authored the first textbook on silicon photonics (2004), entitled “Silicon Photonics: An Introduction”, and has edited a subsequent book entitled “Silicon Photonics: The state of the Art”, published in 2008.

Oct 19th, 2009 Prof. Zhou was invited  by the Huang Kun Forum of Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Science to give a report named 'towards large scale silicon photonic integration', after that he and Associate Prof. Wang  attended  a discussion with their faculty.

Oct 12th, 2009 Our group  had  a discussion with Professor Kasper who comes from the University of Stuttgart in the Germany at 10:30am in 2420#.he gave us a lecture named ‘Prospects and Challenges of Si/Ge On Chip Optoelectronics.
September 9th-11th, 2009 Prof. Zhou and Associate Prof. Wang attended the 6th international conference on Group IV photonics in San Francisco, California, USA.   Associcate Prof. Wang gave a oral presentation" Enhanced Er3+ luminescence of Er silicate by Y and Yb addition" as one of only two talks from Mainland of China.

August 27th - 28th , 2009 Associate professor Wang was invited to participate in the first 130 Dongfang Technology Forum held in Shanghai. participating experts on micro-nano optics, a number of important research directions in the discussion.

August 6th-September 9th2009  Prof. Zhou was invited by Prof. David S. Citrin to visit Georgia Institute of Technology for a one-month visit and academic exchange.

August 2nd - 6th, 2009 Prof Zhou attended the  "International Symposium on Optics + Photonics", which was sponsored by SPIE in San Diego.

July 15th-17th,2009 Prof.Zhou attended the First National Seminar nano-structured devices which was held in Weihai , and gave a invited report.

July 13th,2009 UnitedStates professor  Shanghui Fan at Stanford University visited Prof. Zhou' lab in Peking University , had a happy meeting with the teachers and the students in the lab.

June 26th-30th, 2009, Prof. Zhou and Associate Professor Xingjun Wang together attended the conference held by Insititute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, "silicon-based opto-electronics in 2009 Conference materials and devices."  Prof. Zhou presented an invited  report: "the new silicon-based micro-nano integrated optoelectronic device research," Associate Professor Xingjun Wang also presented a report: "Er silicate Preparation of Optical Waveguide Amplifiers and theoretical calculations.

June 17th-19th,  2009  In order to promote international photoelectron detection and imaging technology development and application, the Chinese Society of Astronautics Joint Optical Technology International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) held in Beijing, "The third International photoelectron detection and imaging technology will be academic exchanges. "  Prof. Zhou , as the Chairman of the Branch attended the conference and presented an invited  report: "Silicon Based MicroSensors".  The  conference  attracted more than 1,400 articles, more than 1000 participants attended, the Organizing Committee invited more than 60 foreign leaders in the field of academic experts and cutting-edge technology will deliver the reports. This conference  is not only the academic elite at home and abroad together with the engineering experts at a gathering, but also the exchange of technological development, to explore an event of international cooperation.

June 13th, 2009  Prof. Zhou was invited to  attend " The first Editorial Board the Frontier in China 2009 ", to discuss the next step of the development plan, focusing on the contents  and implementations with other experts.

May 11th-14th, 2009  Huaming Wu and Jin Hou attended Nanophotonic 2009. The OSA topic conference on nanophotonic, in Harbin, China. Three papers from Prof. Zhou ' group were Presented: 1,Ultraslow Light in Symmetric Line Defect Photonic Crystals Waveguide; 2, Enhancement of light-extraction of GaN-based LEDs using asymmetric profile grating patterns; 3, High-K gate dielectric silicon EO modulator based on Mos capacitor.

May 4t -8th 2009 Prof. Zhou attended a meeting held in Changsha, Hunan , it is held by "Optical Journal", "China's laser", "Chinese Optics Letters" published in the Editorial Board joint meeting of the three. The four-day meeting, many well-known domestic experts and scholars invited to attend. Reviewed the last year and to plan future work. It is worth mentioning that Prof. Zhou was dedicated, coordinated and reasonable success of the "Call For Papers" must conform to international research trends in the past year as Chinese Optics Letters "Chinese Optics Letters," guest editor. Prof. Zhou was highly praised the organizers.
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May, 2009 
 J. Hou, D. Gao, H. Wu, and Z. Zhou's paper  on Compact and broadband waveguide taper based on partial bandgap photonic crystals was published on Chinese Optical Letters. April 25th 2009 Prof.Zhou attended the fifth "Ten Outstanding Academic" award in recognition of activities in Peking University . And served as the final stage of the event judges with other five Professors. Prof. Zhou ’gorous academic style, low-key acting style and humorous comments become the the largest highlights of "Ten Outstanding Academic" award.

April 2009 Prof. Zhou and Lionel C Kimerling a well-known MIT professor co-take charge of feature editor of "Chinese Optics Letters" and published "Silicon-based Opto-electronics" album in April 2009. The album included the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy, Sweden, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions in the "silicon-based optoelectronics," first-class research team within the area of the 17 articles. Successfully bring the international hot spots into the field of the whole China.

March 23rd -27th, 2009 Dr. Jurgen Michelfrom MIT had an academic visit to SPM group and gave presentations on "Focus on Silicon MicroPhotonics". Many Experts, academics and students attended the seminar, who were from Peking University, institute of microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, institute of semiconductors Chinese Academy of Sciences.
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March 2009
J. Feng, Y. Chen , J. Blair, H. Kurt, R. Hao, D. S. Citrin, C. J. Summers and Z. Zhou's paper on Fabrication of annular photonic crystals by atomic layer deposition and sacrificial etching was published in J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B.

Feb.4-8, 2009 Prof. Zhou attended IET ANNUAL DINNER in the U.K. He had a deep conversation about Electronic Letter Chinese version with Electronic Letter editor Prof.  Chris Toumazou, Prof. Ian White, and Helen Dybal, Stuart Govan. Prof. Zhou also had an academic visit to Imperial Collegue, University of Cambridge. He gave a speech on silicon Optoelectronics in University of Cambridge.
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Jan. 2009  J. Hou, D. Gao, Z. zhou's paper on Progress in photonic crystals devics was published in Optical Technique  in Chinese.

Jan.24-29, 2009 Prof. Zhou attended the SPIE Photonics West in San Jose, California, United States and gave an invited presentation on Compact silicon diffractive components for integrated optics.

Jan.30-Feb.2, 2009 Prof. Zhou had an academic visit to Stanford University. He had a deep conversation with Prof. David A B Miller, Prof. James .S.Harris, Prof. Fabian.W.Pease, and Prof. ShanhuiFan. He also visited the Ginzton Laboratory and Paul G. Allen Center for Integrated Systems in Stanford University.


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