The Silicon Photonics Worshop organized by Prof.Zhou of PKU and Prof. Lin Yang of the Institute of Semiconductor, CAS was held successfully in Beijing Conference Center on Nov. 12th 2013.
      This workshop reported the rapid development of Silicon Photonics which has been used in energy-efficient, high-speed optical communications, optical interconnects and optical commuting. 9 world renowned scholars, Including Prof. Jurgen Michel of MIT, Prof. Kazumi Wada of the University of Tokyo, Prof. Hon Ki Tsang of Chinese University of Hong Kong, Prof. Zhiping Zhou of PKU, Dr. Po Dong of Bell Labs, Prof. Ben Yoo of UC Davis, Prof. Minghao Qi of Purdue University, Prof. Lin Yang of IOS, CAS, and Prof, Jung Shin of KAIST, presented their vision, recent progresses, and future challenges of Silicon Photonics and its applications to the standing-room only audience. Every presentation received warm applause and was active discussed.

      All SPMers attended the workshop and were updated with the state of the art development in this exciting area.



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