In the competition of excellent research papers in 2012, as the first author, SPM member Linfei Gao won the Top 10 awards with the paper “Active metal strip hybrid plasmonic waveguide with low critical material gain”. The other co-authors, Liangxiao Tang, Feifei Hu, Dr. Ruimin Guo, Prof. Wang and Prof. Zhou also made great efforts on this work.
The competition is held annually by the school of electronics engineering and computer science (EECS). Research papers from all the departments in EECS could join the competition and only 10 papers would be awarded
Our awarded paper was published in Optics Express on May 2012, and has been cited 6 times. In this work, an active metal strip hybrid plasmonic waveguide using gain materials as loss compensation is proposed with an extremely simple fabrication procedure. The critical material gain could be as low as 3.8cm−1 for fully loss compensation. The results facilitate the designing of plasmonic devices for a wide range of active applications such as amplifiers, sources and modulators.


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