On the 19th and 20th of Jan, 2013, the SPM went for a winter trip and held its 2012 annual meeting at Baohua Resort, Changping, Beijing. The trip was a great success and all who attended the trip enjoyed every single minute of it.
The whole lab departed from Peking University early in the morning on Jan 19th and held its annual meeting in the afternoon. The SPMers summarized what have been done in the past semester and the past year. Prof. Zhou showed the group’s achievements and shared his solicitous expectation to the Lab members. Then the SPMers showed what each of them had done and everyone is impressed by what others had done as well as the "second-floor style" and "eighth-floor style". The meeting ended in a convivial atmosphere and the mood is continued by all kinds of recreational activities.
The two days’ trip ended in the laughter of all participants. And after the trip, the SPMers will definitely work harder in the year to come.


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