The PKU SPM group would like to congratulate Bing Wang and Ruimin Guo on their successful Ph. D thesis defense on June 5, 2012.
Bing’s research explored fundamental material, luminescent and gain properties of ErYb/Y silicates. He investigated crystal structures, photoluminescence quantum efficiencies of ErYb/Y silicates, and developed light emitting devices using the materials. His work on the electroluminescence of ErYb/Y silicates opens new route to realize electrical-pumped high-gain materials and devices working at 1.53μm.
Ruimin’s work investigated optical amplifications of strip-loaded/slot waveguide and new method of characterizing transmissions of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) using ErYb/Y silicates. His study in SPP transmission in low-loss ultra-small hybrid SPP waveguides generated new experimental method and will bring important impact to this area.
We appreciate their significant contributions to the lab and anticipate more great things in their futures.


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