From March 20 to March 21, Prof. Zhou and four SPM students (Yuhao Yao, Zhuozhi Yao, Renze Wang and Pei Li) went to Shanghai, to participate in the OSA Energy Photonics Workshop and OIDA Fiber Communication Workshops. These two workshops include the latest techniques and technologies used in the energy and fiber communication field, including nano-photonics, photovoltaics, solar concentrator design, high-speed optical communication system, etc. At the presentation of “Integrated Photonic Research in China” given by Prof. Andrew Poon of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, our group's work on Er/Yb silicate optical amplifier has been introduced. During the workshop, Prof. Zhou and SPM students also discussed and communicated with the presenters in workshop, such as Prof. Thomas M.Baer, Prof. Fred J. Leonberger.

Figure 1 Research progress in Er-Yb Silicate optical amplifiers has been introduced in the presentation “Integrated Photonic Research in China”

Figure 2 SPM group with Executive Director of Stanford Photonics Research Center, Prof. Thomas M.Baer


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