On December 30, 2011, George Barbastathis, professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT and Singapore research professor of optics, visited SPM lab and give a lecture on Hamiltonian optical machines.
During the two hour’s lecture, Prof. Barbastathis first reviewed the basic Hamiltonian formulation, and then gave some analogous examples from optics and mechanics as well as detailed examples of subwavelength-patterned GRIN analysis, design, and experimental implementation. The audience was very interested to Prof. Barbastathis’s creative work and had a heated discussion with him.
In addition, as a professor of the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), Prof. Barbastathis also briefly introduce SMART which is MIT's first, and to-date only, research campus outside the United States, and topics of cutting-edge research carried out at the SMART Centre


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