Prof. James S. Harris, James and Ellenor Chesebrough Professor at Electrical Engineering department of Stanford, was invited by Prof. Zhiping Zhou to give a one day lecture in the summer school of Silicon Photonics at Peking University.
Prof. Harris presented a thorough look on heterojunction physics and epitaxy. Upon fabrication technology, Prof. Harris introduced the latest development of leading research topics like electroabsorption modulator and strained material devices. In the last part, he described the role Stanford plays in Silicon Valley.
Prof. Harris is gentle and energetic. His passionate speech on art of research as well as personal experience as co-founder of one startup company in silicon valley makes everybody thrive. Furthermore, his demonstration of device implementation and thought on silicon future promotes research communication and provides new insight for researchers at domestic institutions. Without doubt, Prof. Harris was awarded “The Excellent Lecturer” at the end of the summer school.


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