Between July 28th and August 9th, the “2011 Summer School on Silicon Photonics and its Applications” is holding in Peking University. 17 well-known professors from different universities and research institutes, including Stanford, Peking University, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong et al, were invited to give wonderful lectures and over 100 students from all over the China participated in the Summer School. During the 12 days’ intensive study, students had opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss hot topics with lecturers. The Summer School has been highly appraised by all the students, who said they not only got a broad knowledge of the Silicon Photonics but also developed a deep interest in this field. The Summer School also elected 5 excellent lecturers and 7 best students. What is more, the students hope this valuable activity can be held next year, so that more students will be able to benefit from it.


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