On July 30, 2011, invited by Prof. Zhiping(James)Zhou, Prof. David A.B. Miller from Stanford University gave two lectures in the Summer School of Silicon Photonics held in Peking University. Prof. Miller is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering of the USA, currently the W. M. Keck Professor of Electrical Engineering, a Professor by Courtesy of Applied Physics, and a Co-Director of the Stanford Photonics Research Center at Stanford University.


His two lectures for the summer school were “Rationale and devices for optical interconnects to chips” and “Nanoscience and nanotechnology for advanced interconnect devices”, respectively. During the first lecture, Prof. Miller introduced the background and performance requirements for optical interconnects and pointed out some promising solutions. In the second part, he went further to discuss optical components and brought up some innovational and thought-provoking topics, such as non-periodic designs and the degree of freedom in designing optical devices.


Students were deeply impressed by Prof. Miller’s profound thought, cautious attitude, innovational opinion, and humorous language. They asked and discussed questions with Prof. Miller actively and enthusiastically in and after class. A student said, “Prof. Miller’s lectures are so wonderful. It is a great opportunity for me to know the most advanced information in this field. ” At the end of Summer School, students selected Prof. Miller as one of the 5 “Excellent Lecturers”.



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