Invitation to “Optoelectronics” In Spring 2013
Course code:04830800  Class hours/credit: 54.0/3.0
Optoelectronics studies the conversion of electricity into light and vice versa. The field involves research and application of electronic devices that source, detect and control light, also considered a sub-field of photonics.Optoelectronic devices include electrical-to-optical transducers, optical-to-electrical transducers and instruments that use these transducers in their operations. The emphasize will be given to the current red hot topics in micro/nano optoelectronics. This cutting-edge field will dominate the future of modern information science and technology.
光电子学主要研究光学场与电学场在不同条件下的相互转换。相关研究及应用领域涉及光场与电场的产生,探测,控制,相互作用,以及所用到的器件。光电子器件包括发射器,调制器,电光转换器,光电转换器, 以及依赖于这些器件的仪器设备。近年来迅速发展起来的微纳光电子学将是本课程的重点。英文教材,中英文讲授。

Zhiping (James) Zhou

"Changjiang" Professor

School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science,
Peking University, China



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