Distinguished Speaker: Prof. G. T. Reed
Topic: Silicon Photonics
Three Lectures:
1. An Introduction to Silicon Photonics
2. The work of The Silicon Photonics Group at the University of Surrey UK
3. Optical Modulators in Silicon
Date: NOV. 28, 29, DEC. 1
Lecture 1: An introduction to silicon photonics
This talk will introduce the non specialist to silicon photonics. The need for a technology such as silicon photonics will be discussed, together with the main functionality of the component devices that are being developed within the field. Some of the leading device metrics will also be discussed, as well as issues that remain unresolved within the technology.
Lecture 2: The work of The Silicon Photonics Group at the University of Surrey UK
This talk will introduce The Silicon Photonics Group at the University of Surrey, UK, and their main work of recent years. The group have been involved In the development of Silicon Photonics technology since 1989. Whilst the aim of the talk is to give a summary of the recent work of the group, a series of devices will be discussed in more detail, describing their design and operation, as well as the implementation and experimental results.
Lecture 3: Optical Modulators in Silicon
The Silicon Photonics Group at the University of Surrey, UK, has been involved In the development of optical modulators since the early 1989, and has made a number a contributions to the state of the art. This talk will describe their work on Silicon optical modulators, with particular emphasis on recent results 
Graham T Reed obtained his first degree and PhD in 1983 and 1987 respectively. After working for 2 years at ERA Technology Ltd, in 1989 he joined the University of Surrey with the aim of establishing a research activity in guided wave optoelectronics, and now leads an internationally recognised group. He is responsible for initiating a new research field in the UK on Silicon Integrated Optical Circuits, and his group have produced a series of leading technical advances in the field worldwide, notably in optical modulators, grating couplers, and optical sensing applications. A testament to the originality and potential of the silicon work, is that Bookham Technology Plc adopted it as their core business. Graham was appointed as a Professor of Optoelectronics in April 2001.He is a Fellow of IEE and a member of SPIE now. He is Co-Chair of the leading Silicon Photonics conference, IEEE Group IV Photonics, 2011 and Co-Chair of SPIE Photonics WestSilicon Photonics Conference now. He is also current member of 4 International Conference committees.


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