2011-11-16 15:05:10

Distinguished Speaker:
Prof. Xiang Zhang

Topic: Optical Metamaterials and Nano Plasmonics

Three Lectures:

1. Metamaterials
2. Superlens and Transformation Optics
3. Photonics Beyond Diffraction Limit: Nano-scale Laser, Waveguide and Cavities

Date: Dec. 5, 6, 9, 2011

Place: Science Building 2, Room2736






Recent theory predicted a new class of photonic composite materials made of engineered sub wavelength entities - meta “atoms” and “molecules” which enable the unprecedented optical properties that do not exist in the nature such as optical magnetism and negative refraction. Especially, the superlens made of metamaterials breaks the fundamental diffraction limit, which may have profound impact in wide range of applications such as nano-scale imaging, nanolithography, and ultra-density data storage.





I’ll discuss a few recent experiments that demonstrated these intriguing physical properties. We created the first bulk optical metamaterials that show the negative refractions. We demonstrated the superlens and optical cloaking using carefully design of plasmonic materials dispersions. The recent discoveries on new topological symmetry such as Mobius symmetry in metamaterials reveals fundamentally new realm of physical properties that do not occur in nature materials.  I will further discuss a new technology based on superlens for nano-scale lithography that may transform the next generation of nano-manufacturing, along with plasmon lasers, a coherent light at molecular scale.






Xiang Zhang is the Ernest S. Kuh Chaired Professor at UC Berkeley and the Director of NSF Nano-scale Science and Engineering Center (SINAM). He is a member of US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and fellow of APS, OSA, AAAS and SPIE. He has authored more than 180 publications including ones in Science, Nature and Physical Review Letters. His group’s research in optical metamaterials was selected by Times Magazine as “Top 10 Scientific Discoveries in 2008”. Xiang Zhang was a recipient of NSF CAREER Award; SME Dell K. Allen Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, ONR Young Investigator Award and MIT’s Rohsenow Lecturer. He received his Ph.D from UC Berkeley in 1996 and taught at Penn State, and UCLA prior joining the Berkeley faculty in 2004.


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