2011-11-16 15:03:25

VLSI Photonics: Science and Engineering of Micro/Nano-Photonics and Integration
Organizer:EECS of Peking University
SpeakerProf. Dr. El-Hang Lee, Director
Graduate School of Information Technology INHA University, Incheon, 402-751, South Korea
Nov.24, 2011 (Thursday)

This lecture presents a comprehensive overview on the cutting-edge frontier science and engineering of micro/nano-photonics and integration that we pursue at the OPERA Research Center for VLSI photonics application. It discusses on the theory, design, fabrication, and integration of micro/nano-photonic devices, circuits, chips, and networks in the form of “VLSI photonic integrated circuits”(VLSI-PICs) and “optical micro/nano-networks (O-MNNs)” of generic and application-specific nature on a platform that we call “optical printed circuit boards” (OPCBs). These systems are designed to be compact, smart, high-speed, light-weight, lowpowered, and low-cost as applicable for green and environmentally friendly datacom, telecom, transportation, aero-space, avionics, bio/medical, sensor, and environmental systems.

B.S.E.E. (summa cum laude), Seoul National University, Korea, 1970; M.S., M.Phil., and Ph.D., Applied Physics, Yale University, 1973, 1975 and 1977, respectively, under Prof. John. B. Fenn (Yale Nobel Laureate, Chemistry, 2002) and Prof. Richard. K. Chang (Henry Ford II Professor, student of Prof. N. Bloembergen, Harvard Nobel Laureate, Physics, 1981). Conducted teaching, research and management at Yale, Princeton, AT&T, ETRI, KAIST, and at INHA in the fields of semiconductor physics, materials, devices, optoelectronics, photonics, and optical communication. Founding Dean, School of Communication and Information Engineering; Dean, Graduate School of the Information Technology and Telecommunications; Founding Director, OPERA (Optics and Photonics Elite Research Academy) and m-PARC (micro/nano-Photonics Advanced Research Center); Vice President, ETRI; Vic President, Optical Society of Korea; Founding President, IEEE-LEOS Korea; Founding Director, SPIE-Korea. Over 260 international refereed journal and review papers; 840 international conference presentations; 160 plenary, keynote, and invited talks in international conferences; Edited books (VLSI Micro/nanophotonics, CRC-Press, Taylor & Francis, 2010) and 7 SPIE international proceedings; 130 international patents; 100 services as international conference chair, committee member, and advisor. Fellow of the APS (USA), IEEE (USA), IEE (UK), OSA (USA), SPIE (USA), KPS (Korea), IEEK (Korea), and Life Fellow, Korean Academy of Science and Technology. Recipient of 15 national and international awards, including the King Se-Jong Award, Incheon Grand Science Award, and the Presidential Medal of Honor, Korea; the IEEE Third Millennium Medal and the 2007 IEEE Photonics Society Distinguished Lecturer Award, USA. Currently, serves as the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Photonics Technology Letters.


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