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Graduate Class “Silicon Photonics” In Fall 2011
Course code: 04801001  Class hours/credit: 54.0/3.0
Class times: Wednesdays 15:10-18:00, starting September 7, 2011
Class room: First teaching building, Room 316
Silicon photonics studies the principles and technologies of merging electronics and photonics into the silicon platform. It is considered a more efficient and lower cost optical solution for high density data communications in optical fiber system and computer system. It is expected that a successful monolithic integration of silicon based nanophotonic devices and microelectronic devices will lead to a more significant "micro optoelectronics revolution" than the well-known "microelectronics revolution". This class will teach the basic elements of silicon photonics and their recent development. Efforts in large scale integration, particularly the attempts in reducing device size and energy consumption, will also be discussed. See [ppt]


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