In the competition of “Best Student Paper Award” in 2015 International Optical Instrument and Technology, SPM member Ruobing Chen won the award with the paper “Thermally Tunable Resonator Using Directly Integrated Metallic Heater”. The other co-authors are Xinbai Li, Qingzhong Deng, Jurgen Michel, and Zhiping Zhou. Her advisor is Prof. Zhiping Zhou. The award ceremony was held in Beijing International Convention Center on May 18, 2015.
    In this work, a thermally tunable half-disk resonator (HDR) with directly-integrated metallic heater is presented. The simulation result shows a wavelength shift of 0.855 nm under ultralow driving voltage of 0.02V, corresponding to high thermal tuning efficiency of 2.831 nm/mW.
    The competition is held every other year as a part of the OIT conference. Research papers from many different countries accepted in OIT could join the competition and only 15 papers would be awarded considering overall the performance of the presentation and the quality of the paper.



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