Goal and Objective
The goal of this lab is to establish a unique platform for research and education on new frontiers of nanophotonics and nanoelectronics. The specific objective is to develop the next generation of compactly integrated low cost optoelectronics systems that may be used for real time sensing/detection, high-density data communications, and high-speed control/actuation.

Research Interests

Our research interests are focused on CMOS compatible nanophotonic devices and on-chip systems, including theoretical research and processing  development. We are not only interested in developing new nano devices on existing silicon processing platform, but also like to explore ways to make nanophotonics and optoelectronic devices using other platforms ot technologies more CMOS compatible.
Main interests: (1) Plasmonics (2) Photonic crystal (3) Grating (4) Sensor (5) Erbium silicate (6) Modulator (7) Detector (8) High speed optoelectronics integration.


Currently, the lab consists of Professor Zhiping (James) Zhou, Associate Professor Xingjun Wang, Admin Assistant Miss Yuzhu Wang, 3 Postdocs, 7 PhD students, 5 Master Students, and 10 Undergraduate Students.


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