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Li Yu received a B.S. degree from Huazhong university of Science and Technology(HUST), China, in 2012. Now she is studying for her Master’ degree in the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Optical Communication System & Networks School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science Peking University, China
Research Interests 

Her major research interests are in the area of integrated optics: 

(I) Silicon waveguide grating as couplers

(II) Silion grating as filters 

Selected Publications and Patents

1.Z. Zhou, L. Yu, "Silicon photonic devices based on binary blazed gratings", Optical Engineering 52(9), 091708, 2013. 
2. Z. Zhou, Z. Tu, B. Yin, W. Tan, L. Yu, H. Yi, and X. Wang, (Invited) “
Development Trends in Silicon Photonics”, Chinese Optics Letters, 11(1), 012501, doi:10.3788, 2013.
3. D. Wu, L. Yu, H. Yi and Z. Zhou, "SOI-based bandwidth-tunable grating  filter with a large tuning range", SPIE Proceeding on Nanophotonics and Micro/Nano Optics , 2012. 






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